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Monday, May 16, 2011


Cynthia at POEMFLESH2 responds to Eileen Tabios' THE THORN ROSARY with a chained hay(na)ku--click on excerpt below for whole poem:
the mind
refuses to fade

Cynthia is a multi-genre artist who also created jewelry in response to some of Eileen's poems. Here are pics--the first on the kitchen island, next to photos of Eileen's beloved cats Artemis and Scarlet:

The second photo is of Eileen wearing the jewelry as she picks up a bronze figurine that once resided with brilliant poet kari edwards:

Cynthia explains some of the conceptual underpinnings to the bracelets--
1) Haiti--red: blood. Green for rebirth and renewal

2) "I consider the woman's choice in liberating / a red dress with pale green sandals" (a line from a poem in Beyond Life Sentences / later in THE THORN ROSARY)

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